Just Married Thongs


Just Married Thongs in Black (Groom) or White (Bride)
These Just Married Thongs are perfect for the newly married couple to wear on their honeymoon.

These thongs are decorated with various words, including: Together Forever, True Love, Two Shall Become as One, I Thee Wed, Love is in the Air, This Day I Will Marry my Friend, With This Ring.

The best element of these thongs is the bottom of the thongs which have a cut out of "Just Married" which leaves an imprint of "Just Married" in the sand as you walk along.
The thongs are made of rubber with plastic straps.

Approximate sizes are:
The black is the larger thong more suitable for the groom.
Small 28cm long
Medium 29 long
Large 30 cm long
The white is the smaller thong more suitable for the bride.
Small 23cm long
Medium 25cm long
Large 27 cm long